Green Aisle — A Companion App for Ethical Consumers

Green Aisle


Consuming ethically is a complex and often frustrating experience. Green Aisle is an app that aims to assist consumers in overcoming the challenges of ethical consumption and making better purchase decisions. I designed the app based on the insights I’ve gained through the research for my masters’ thesis.


  • Design Research
  • UI/UX Design


  • 2019

The Problem

More and more consumers want to reduce the impact of their consumption by purchasing more ethical products. However, studies have revealed that only 10-15% of the people who intend to consume ethically, actually succeed and purchase ethical products.

The reasons for the existence of this gap between consumers' intention and actual behavior – also called the intention-behavior gap – are equally complex and multi-faceted as ethical consumption itself.

Through the qualitative and quantitative research of my masters’ thesis, I’ve gained insights into the challenges and struggles of over a hundred ethical consumers. When I examined the data, four main problems became apparent.

01. Ethical consumption issues are very complexConsumers stated that it requires a lot of time and energy to understand ethical consumption issues, as these issues are often complex and information widespread.

02. Consumers can’t find affordable ethical productsMany consumers struggled with finding ethical alternatives as they are often not available in their supermarket or simply too expensive.

03. Consumers don’t plan their shopping trips aheadConsumers often don’t plan their shopping trips. In the supermarket, they end up being overwhelmed by the amount of choice or not having enough time to find an alternative.

04. Deceptive marketing practicesConsumers are often tricked into buying supposedly ‘ethical’ products with deceptive marketing practices, fake eco-labels, or complicated industry jargon.


How Green Aisle is Helping Ethical Consumers

A personalized experience from the beginning

The onboarding introduces the users to the app but includes a few questions that allow users to adjust the apps’ recommendations based on the ethical issues that are important to them as well as their dietary preferences.

Progressive learning about ethical issues with challenges

One of the biggest problems of ethical consumers is understanding the often very complex underlying issues. With challenges, green Aisle provides compact and actionable information on ethical issues. They are divided into short sessions, throughout which users can progressively learn about the issue.

Bite-sized learning units for on-the-go

Each session is a short 1-3 minute learning unit that focuses on a specific topic within a challenge. Sessions can have different formats, such as testing your knowledge about an issue with a quiz, exploring ethical alternatives for a specific product, or forming implementation intentions.

In-depth product information with personalized recommendations

The product detail page summarizes information on the ethicality and healthiness of a product. Users can get a quick overview of the most important information, deep-dive into the individual ratings, and find personalized recommendations for alternative products.